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Monthly To Do List Template| FREE Printables and Handy Tips

A monthly to do list template is an invaluable tool to keep you organized and on top of your monthly goals. In this article, I have provided four printable templates for you to download, together with my best tips to help you use them effectively!

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Monthly To Do List TemplateTemplate 1
Monthly To Do List TemplateTemplate 2
Monthly To Do List TemplateTemplate 3
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Download Your Monthly To Do List Templates

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    What Is a Monthly To Do List? 

    A Monthly To Do List is a list of reoccurring tasks that should done every month, such as bill payments, maintenance tasks, planning ahead, collecting repeat prescriptions, etc.

    It may also include errands, commitments and goals to be achieved during a specific month.

    Why Should I Use a Monthly To Do List Template?

    Many of us lead very hectic lifestyles, and we generally have so many things to do that we lose sight of what we should be focusing on.

    A Monthly To Do List Template is a very effective organizational tool as it gives us an overall picture of the tasks that need to be completed at a glance. This ensures that things aren’t forgotten and helps us to address them appropriately.

    Using a Monthly To Do List Template has many benefits, to name a few:

    • It prompts you to carry out the tasks that need to be done regularly so they don’t pile up and become overwhelming. This applies to tasks such as filing documents, deep cleaning, decluttering, organizing electronic files, etc. It’s far easier to do these things periodically to keep them under control and saves you time and effort in the long run.
    • You won’t forget to carry out routine maintenance tasks, which can help to prevent problems occurring and expensive repairs ... saving you time and money.
    • It helps you to organize and prioritize your tasks to ensure that the important things get done!
    • You will develop the habit of doing your monthly tasks, helping you to stay organized with ease.

    How To Create a Monthly To Do List Template

    Before creating your Monthly To Do List Template, set aside a few minutes to sit quietly and brainstorm. Get a pen, some sheets of paper and a cup of coffee and some biscuits if you feel like it!

    Step 1 - Brainstorm

    To help you generate ideas, focus on the things you feel you should do every month. Whilst you brainstorm, consider tasks that you do at work, at home, as well as your personal goals and aspirations.

    Ask yourself the following questions:

    Which tasks habitually get out of control and become overwhelming?

    Disorder, paperwork, and clutter are common causes of stress and overwhelm. I make a special effort to keep on top of my admin and paperwork to stop it from piling up.

    Once a month I go through paperwork that has accumulated during the previous month. I file the documents I need and throw away the rest. If necessary, I scan important documents and file them electronically.

    What needs to be done regularly to stay organized and efficient?

    Any organizational system requires regular maintenance for it to be effective. It doesn’t take much time, just consistency.

    At the end of each month, I allocate about an hour to review my To Do list and the status of current projects to ensure that I'm on track. I also set goals and prepare my To Do list for the following month.

    What needs to be checked at least once a month?

    Many of us use online or automated systems to make purchases, carry out bank transactions, and make bill payments. None of these systems are infallible and it is good practice to check them regularly to ensure that everything is in order.

    Consider reviewing your bank account, credit card statements, and the status of online purchases at least once a month to ensure that there are no unusual or fraudulent transactions.

    I would also recommend checking smoke alarms or burglar alarms once a month to ensure that they are operating correctly. Make sure you stay safe!

    What needs monthly maintenance?

    Certain mechanical items or household appliances need regular maintenance to function correctly. Decide which ones apply to you and include them on your monthly to do list.

    Ideally, you should also check your car monthly to ensure that the tires are at the correct pressure and that the liquid levels (oil, refrigerant, and windscreen wiper fluids) are all okay.

    I must confess, this is something I need to make more of an effort on … I don’t get around to doing it every month!

    Need to spend more quality time with your family?

    With our busy lifestyles, we sometimes neglect to spend quality time with our loved ones.

    If you can, arrange to spend a day or weekend away with your partner once a month (without the kids of course!).

    On another occasion, arrange to have a family outing. Get tickets for a show, have a family picnic, or do something adventurous like playing paintball. Choose something that the whole family would enjoy!

    What would be beneficial for your wellbeing?

    Don’t forget about YOU! Reserve half a day or a day each month to pamper yourself and destress…we all need it! To begin each month on top form, I arrange to have a therapeutic massage in the first week of the month. It’s a lovely treat and helps to keep muscle spasms at bay.

    Step 2 - Organize and Prioritize Your Tasks

    Once you’ve completed your brainstorming session, review your list and separate the tasks into different categories if you consider it necessary. I recommend using a separate Monthly To Do List Template for work and personal tasks.

    Identify the tasks that should be given top priority. High-priority tasks are those which could have serious consequences if left undone. If you are unsure how to prioritize tasks, check out the following articles: Eat that Frog Method or Eisenhower Decision Matrix.

    Decide if a task needs to be completed on a specific day or week of each month. If it does, make a note of when the task should be done.

    Step 3 - Create Your Monthly To Do List Template

    Depending on the tasks you have identified, decide which template best suits your needs.

    Use template 1 if you need to prioritize recurring tasks and also wish to include appointments and notes.

    If you have many recurring tasks that need to be carried out every month, use template 2.

    Use template 3 if your tasks don't have to be completed on a specific date and you prefer to distribute the tasks evenly throughout the month.

    If you have many tasks that need to be done on specific days of the month, use template 4.

    Monthly To Do List Template Ideas

    The tasks you include on your Monthly To Do List Template will vary depending on your lifestyle and your personal needs. I’ve summarized some ideas of what to put on a monthly to do list down below.

    Include what you consider necessary!


    • Throw away unnecessary paperwork.
    • File paperwork you need to keep.
    • Review and organize your email inbox. Delete unnecessary emails and organize the emails you need to keep.
    • Organize electronic files.
    • Plan your workload for the following month.
    • Review the status of project tasks.

    Administrative Tasks:

    • Check bank account transactions and credit card statements.
    • File paperwork: utility bills, bank statements, credit card statements, and other paper documents that need to be kept.
    • Electronic files: delete obsolete information and organize electronic files.
    • Backup electronic files held on your computer.
    • Back up mobile phone.
    • Make monthly bill payments.
    • Collect monthly prescriptions.

    Household Tasks:

    • Deep cleaning.
    • Decluttering and general tidying of one room in the house.
    • Do the gardening.
    • Check smoke alarms.
    • Check the burglar alarm.
    • Monthly car checks: tire pressure and fluid levels.
    • Carrying out the monthly bulk shopping.


    • Spend a weekend away or have a special date with your partner (without the kids!)
    • Arrange a family excursion.

    Me Time:

    • Have a relaxing or therapeutic massage.
    • Treat yourself to a spa session.
    • Have a beauty treatment.
    • Carry out a breast examination.
    • Set aside a day or half a day to do whatever takes your fancy!

    If you have appointments, errands to run, or any other goals you wish to achieve during any specific month, include them in your Monthly To Do List.


    Using a Monthly To Do List Template is an effective way to stay on top of monthly recurring tasks.

    It’s a great tool to help you stay organized and efficient without being stressed and overwhelmed.

    Download your template today and give it a try... I'm sure you'll love using it!

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