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Hi, I’m Charmain...

As a Mother, Wife, and International Project Manager, I have discovered many ways to get more done in less time…

Find out how to organize your life to make more time for YOU!


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About Get Organized Genie

Welcome to Get Organized Genie. It's an honour to receive your visit!

I built this website to help busy professionals like you become more organized so that you can have more time to do the things you really want to do.

My mission is to provide you with tips, tools, and guidance to help you become better organized and more productive without feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

How can my qualifications and experience help you?

Allow me to share a little bit about my background with you, so that you know why I consider myself well qualified to offer you advice on personal organization...

As you may imagine, I have always been an organized person. However, after starting a family, I found it increasingly more difficult to balance a demanding full-time job and hectic family life.

Most days, I felt I was leaving one job at the office to start another as soon as I got home. Life didn’t seem fun anymore, and I also missed having ME Time to practice my favorite hobbies!

Sound familiar?

I decided that this had to change…

After more than ten years of juggling full-time work as a Project Manager, being a wife and mother, as well as managing a household, I developed habits and strategies which enabled me to become more organized, productive, and efficient.

Working as a Project Manager, I also learned to be proficient at planning, prioritization, time management, and staying focused on objectives to get things done effectively.

I finally got my life back again!!!

Over the years, I’ve learned to achieve a healthy work-life balance, and I can help you achieve yours too.

At present, I am a PMP® Certified Project Manager and a Chartered Engineer, leading engineering projects in different countries worldwide.

Based on my knowledge and experience, I can help you to apply techniques used in project management to organize and plan your daily activities efficiently, saving you valuable time and enabling you to get more stuff done!

Life is like one big project, it has a beginning and an end. What you decide to do in between is completely up to you.

Organize your life and enjoy it to the full!

How can I help you to organize your life?

If you’d like to get organized but aren’t sure how, click on the link below to begin.

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Throughout the Get Organized Genie website, I have provided tips, tools, and strategies to help you stay organized and get more done in less time.

Use the strategies that suit you best and incorporate them into your daily routine.  Over time I can assure you that you will notice a change in your life for the better!

Learn how to organize your life and 

Make MORE TIME for YOU!!!

Photos illustrating important factors to organize your life. Time management: woman holding a clock and documents. Motivation: two women working together. Focus: compass pointing at word focus.

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Many thanks!

Articles on this website are based on my own personal experience, published articles, and science-based research papers on subject matter which are referenced at the bottom of each page.