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Tips to increase productivity at work
September 23, 2022

Summer is over, it’s now time to get our heads down and focused on things at work!

Try these three tips to get better organized and productive:

Tip 1: Note things down

Get into the habit of using To-Do lists to keep track of your pending tasks. Seeing all of your tasks in one handy place gives you a clear vision of what needs to be done and makes it easier to organize and prioritize your tasks.

Use a planner or calendar to note your appointments, meetings, and deadlines. Set alerts to remind you of important events.

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Tip 2: Prioritize tasks that provide the greatest value

When you have a quiet moment, reflect on your role within your organization. Which of the tasks that only you can do provide the greatest value to your organization? Make a conscious effort to prioritize these tasks.

Delegate tasks that don’t have to be carried out by you. This will free up time to do more important tasks.

Check out this video on how to prioritize

Tip 3: Create productive working relationships

Make an effort to get on well with your work colleagues. Understand their role within the company, how their work impacts yours, and vice versa. Find out their working style to determine how best to work with them. This will improve overall productivity.

Talk more to resolve issues instead of sending emails. This will save time and avoid misunderstandings. Once you’ve discussed and clarified an issue you can always send an email to confirm what was agreed.

Have a great month, and enjoy making more time for YOU!

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Check out these To-Do List templates to keep track of pending tasks and stay productive:

Weekly To-Do List Template

Daily To-Do List Template

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