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How to host thanksgiving like a Pro!
October 29, 2022

It only seems like yesterday that we finished the summer holidays and packed the kids back off to school, but believe it or not, the winter holiday season is approaching fast!

Thanksgiving is well underway, and if you will be hosting the celebrations, now is a good time to start preparing.

As we all know, the secret behind any successful event is planning and preparation. Check out the following article to help you prepare with ease!

How To Prepare For Thanksgiving - The Ultimate Guide For a Stress-Free Day!

If you love paying attention to detail, here are a few things you can do during the run-up to Thanksgiving to make the celebrations extra special:

Tip 1: Create Your Music Playlist

About a week or so before Thanksgiving, create your Thanksgiving music playlist before things become more hectic. This is a great task to delegate to another family member to help share the workload.

Tip 2: Prepare a Toast

If you’d like to give a meaningful Thanksgiving toast, give it some thought and note down your ideas a couple of weeks beforehand. If you leave it later, you’ll be too preoccupied with other matters to find your creative streak!

Tip 3: Practice New Recipes

If you’ve included new recipes on your Thanksgiving menu, test them on your family a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving. This will allow you to make adjustments and to get any additional utensils you may need before the big day. Things will go much more smoothly if you’ve already had a test run!

Tip 4: Relax and Enjoy the Big Day!

Before your guests start to arrive, take a few deep breaths, smile, and get yourself ready to enjoy the celebrations with your friends and family.

Remember that Thanksgiving is about sharing and enjoying the celebrations.

Everything doesn’t have to be perfect, just good enough! If your guests offer to help, accept it, and don’t shy away from asking for help if you need it.

Have a great month, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Take care,



These Thanksgiving planner printables will help you to stay organized and on track:

Thanksgiving Preparation Checklist

Thanksgiving Guest List

Thanksgiving Menu Planner

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